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    Eugenio Araiza Bahena  General Director

    Eugenio is a veterinarian with 27 years of experience in community work and an active participant in the Anabaptist Church. He is also a professor in the Mexican Theological Community, as well as a consultant to churches and organizations that carry out holistic services. Eugenio has started and coordinated community projects focused on health, environment, education, peace education, agriculture and livestock, holistic transformation, emergency aid and microfinance. These projects were implemented in various regions, such as the State of Oaxaca , Ajusco Medio in Southern Mexico City and Tlalpizahuac in the State of Mexico. At AMEXTRA, Eugenio has taken on different roles, serving as Operations Manager, Urban Director, and Central-Southern Projects Manager, in addition to developing two community centers. Eugenio has always done an excellent job in the departments that he has assumed responsibilities: general management, theology, administration and technical aspects of community transformation projects management.


    Lorena López de la Cruz  Operations Manager

    She studied Visual Arts in the National School of Plastic Arts in UNAM (Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas de la UNAM) and has worked in AMEXTRA since 2005. Lorena has served in numerous regions (rural and urban) through AMEXTRA´s programs and collaborated in the emergency program in Tabasco, Chiapas, following Hurricane Stan and the devastating floods in 2008. She has extensive experience in Peace Education and Community Health and Nutrition Programs, and has been trained in Disaster Risk Management. She assisted the operations manager for 3 years (2006-2009). In 2009, she coordinated a participatory community assessment process in Oaxaca and then directed the regional program for 2 years (2010-2012), before accepting the operations management position.


    Ofelia Cinto Tehuizil  Administrator

    Ofelia is a public accountant with a certificate in Holistic Transformation. Since 1993, she has worked in the non-profit sector in a variety of capacities: general, commercial, salaries, industrial, fiscal accounting, treasury, and finance. She has actively participated in courses on fiscal accounting and finances.

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    Marcela Salas Cassani  Fundraising and Communications Manager 

    Marcela studied Communication Science and Journalism at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She was chief editor and reporter for the magazine Desinformémonos and also worked as reporter of the Mexican journal La Jornada, writing about indigenous issues in the supplement Ojarasca. Some of her articles have been translated to English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Turkish. She is also the author of the collective book YoSoy132, Voces del Movimiento and of  Tú y yo coincidimos en la noche terrible, a book against impunity and forgetting of assassinated journalists in Mexico.

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    Wendy Alcantará  Program Manager of Seeds of Transformation 

    Wendy Alcántara received her Master’s degree in Modern Literature and has since worked as both librarian and as a teacher of literature and English to all ages. She also works as a translator and interpreter, specializing in academic topics within the Humanities. She has worked with immersion groups in various aspects for more than 20 years and has been part of Amextra since she was young. She comes from a bicultural family; this has allowed her to learn how to navigate between cultures and accompany trip participants in their own process of transformation during their visit to Mexico.







    Ana Margarita Ruiz  Amextra Consultants Coordinator

    Ana  holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from La Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City. She has worked on various impact evaluation projects with UNESCO Mexico, INCA Rural and INDESOL. Most recently, Ana collaborated on an impact evaluation project with the CMR Foundation. While studying her Master’s degree, Ana participated in the Sierra Nevada Investigation and Conservation program where she became deeply interested in solidarity economies. This passion has motivated her to volunteer in community organic markets and work with small scale producers. Ana began working with Amextra in 2012 as the Executive Assistant to the General Director and since 2015 has served as the Amextra Consultants Coordinator.







    Celic Araiza Vera  Education and Training Manager

    Celic is a teacher with a certification from the Department of Philosophy and Letters at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. As a student, Celic coordinated the student group, Proyectos de Servicio para Compañerismo Estudiantil AC, which worked on community service projects and motivated young people to work within and give back to their communities. Celic grew up knowing and living Amextra’s work as well as developing her skills as a leader, educator, and workshop facilitator. During her time with Amextra, Celic has specialized in projects focusing on workshop facilitation, community education, community-based participatory research, design and implementation of community projects, project evaluation, as well as business and finance training.


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    The Mexican Association for Rural and Urban Transformation (AMEXTRA) is a non-profit organization that generates transformative solutions to the poverty that many families face living in rural and urban areas of Mexico. Since 1984, AMEXTRA has been dedicated to serving in marginalized areas through many types of projects including community health and nutrition, education, microfinance, restoration and conservation of natural resources, and emergency aid. Thanks to a philosophical base in sustainable and holistic development that emphasizes community participation and responsibility, AMEXTRA has succeeded in transforming the lives of 150,000 people in 350 communities throughout Mexico.