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We move fast to support people in their time of need.

We support people in their time of need, but we also prepare them to prevent and better confront future emergencies with risk management workshops.

Amextra contributes to emergency efforts throughout Mexico, supplying hygiene kits and food as well as facilitating workshops to alleviate post-traumatic stress.


Participation in Emergencies

  • Emergency supply kits
    • Food.
    • Clothing.
    • Hygiene.
    • Mattresses.
    • Water.
  • Risk management workshops.
  • Post traumatic stress management workshops.
  • Resources to re-activate local commerce (seeds, tools).
  • Fund to generate self-employment in urban areas.
  • Regions:
    • Guerrero.
    • Tabasco.
    • Mexico City.
    • Campeche.
    • Puebla.



Natural disasters

Due to natural disasters in Mexico during the past two decades, 10,626 people have died and 59 million have been affected (Cenapred, 2022).

Economic losses

The annual economic impact of hydro-meteorological disasters in Mexico increased by 200%, surpassing 31,000 million pesos (CENAPRED, 2020).


People attended


Emergency responses


States assisted



Guerrero, Mexico.
“I am very thankful for these people who have troubled themselves to bring us food and inspiring words. I thank them for thinking of us, for not forgetting us, and we hope they come back since we still do not know when we can go back to our communities. Thank you very much for all that you have done for us”.

Isaura García

High Mountain, Guerrero.
“The San Miguel Amoltepec el viejo community had been buried by a mudslide. The infrastructural damages were significant—people lost their homes, furniture, crops and livestock. The community was living in the open air, under tarps and makeshift shacks, in cold temperatures. In that moment, Amextra intervened and supported the community with provisions so they could eat. Later, Amextra began to work on pilot projects with the families. Amextra’s support was a huge help. The fact that people all the way from Mexico City were interested in helping people who lived so far away from them really surprised me”.