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We facilitate reforestation and eco-technology programs.

By teaching families to use eco-technologies, we work to reduce environmental destruction.

A team of environmental experts accompanies the communities in which Amextra works to show people how to take advantage of their natural resources without harming the environment. When individuals reconcile with their environment, they begin a process of integral transformation.



  • Rain water collection systems
  • Ecological toilets
  • Ecological stoves
  • Beekeeping
  • Corn interplanted with fruit trees system (MIAF)

Environmental education workshop


  • Guerrero
  • Chiapas
  • State of Mexico




128.8 thousand hectares per year of forest loss in Mexico due to illegal practices, fires and pests (Semarnat, 2021).

Water access

Entre 12,5 y 15 millones de habitantes no tienen acceso a agua potable en México, lo que representa el 10% de la población. (UNAM, 2021)


At least 5.7 million Mexicans do not have access to sewer service (INEGI, 2022).


Trees planted


Eco-bathrooms / year


States impacted



Tultitlán, State of Mexico.
“A few days ago, Gerardo and José Luis visited to inspect my water filter. Gerardo and I repaired the filter because I told him that ‘I want to have it because there is almost no water here.’ Gerardo helped me repair the filter along with Jose Luis and a volunteer. Now that he repaired my water filter, I can use it to collect water from the heavy rains we are having. The tank is full now and the water is clean so we are using it to water plants and wash dishes… and that makes me really happy”.


Guerrero, Mexico.
“My name is Rufino and I am 10 years-old. I like to go to the Amextra workshops because we play with the `{`educational materials`}` the teachers bring us and I have fun. I planted some trees with friends from my village and neighbors; my mom and dad participated too. It’s nice to plant because they tell us that these trees will grow very tall and that they will give us oxygen to breathe”.