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We support artisans and small-scale producers.

We offer technical and financial training along with seed capital and personal accompaniment to break cycles of poverty.

Amextra incentivizes the creation of high quality products through beekeeping trainings, textile design classes, and herbal product workshops. We also offer personal finance and business workshops to motivate producers to establish their own businesses and break habits of dependency.


  • Sewing and clothing design classes.
  • Herbal medicine classes.
  • Honey production and sales.
  • Fair trade sales.
  • Personal finance mentorship.
  • Business plan assessment.
  • Regions:
    • Guerrero.
    • Chiapas.
    • State of Mexico.



Gender equality

Women, employed or not, contribute 73% of their time to unpaid household and care work (IMCO, 2022).

Labor access

Women represent 40% of the total workforce in Mexico, but the wage gap is -13.4% compared to the salary that men receive (IMCO, 2022).


artisans network


beneficiaries / year


Products launched


Ángeles Diaz

State of Mexico.
“I am one of the women who makes herbal health and beauty products with Xanatl Tlapantli (healing flower). I am very happy because I make products that improve customers’ health. I am satisfied with and proud of our products because people are becoming familiar with them and when they apply the pomades or the creams, they see results. That makes me feel good and motivates me to keep working”.


Los Altos, Chiapas.
“I really like everything we learned in the embroidery workshop. What I liked most is that I learned new techniques called ‘relleno’ and ‘rococo.’ I also liked that we learned to combine stitches to make different forms and shapes. Now I know how to make my products more beautiful and choose different colors”.