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We provide immersive experiences into the communities who we work with

AMEXTRA Seeds is one of AMEXTRA Corporative’s commercial units. Our goal is to provide disruptive tourist experiences that allow you to live acquire new perspectives on the people and groups of communities in Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca and State of Mexico. We want our participants to enjoy the cultural and natural riches whilst fraternizing with local families, always from a viewpoint of exchanging, reflecting and introspecting.

Face to face with migration - 2019

We experienced first-hand the stories and reality of south American migrants who are looking to migrate to the United States and are currently residing in the state of Veracruz. We had the opportunity of getting to know another side of migration while staying with the families of Lomas de San Isidro’s community.

Mexico and its art - 2020

Alongside University of Concordia of St. Paul, we got to know Mexico through its art. We toured museums and archeological sites of Mexico City which allowed us to understand different customs, textures and techniques in the history of Mexico, from the prehispanical era to our times. We also spent time  with art students of Amextra’s Community Centre in Tultitlán in State of Mexico.

The heart of San Cristóbal - 2020

A new tour into the productive and income generating projects inside the communities of AMEXTRA in the region of Los Altos, Chiapas. We experienced up-close the impact of the work that this communities have on many families in Chiapas. We came back home with refreshed ideas and renewd motivation as well as beautiful memories of the landscapes of Chiapas.



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United States
“I strongly recommend this trip, I think our church’s youth can benefit of what Amextra has done for us. Amextra Seeds has a great balance between education, reflection and enjoying the beauties of Mexico”


Mexico City
“This Amextra Seeds trip allowed me to feel warmth in my heart. The scenery of Chiapas, getting to know the people – not only of the communities – but to get to know their working teams better, made me feel even more love for my job, love for the people I work with. It was truly an experience that I’ll always keep close to my heart and I hope to repeat it soon.”