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Pej’Pem Agroecological Center


Offering opportunities to study, research, and recieve training in sustainable agricultural practices at Pej'Pem Transformation Center.

Address: Km 36.5 on the Palenque – Ocosingo highway, Chiapas, México.
Phone: +1 3 45 00 67 |  o +1 916 107 76 83
Email: [email protected]
Center Coordinator: David Hernandez [email protected]



Intern, Palenque, Chiapas.
“The experience was very important for me because I learned many new things about sustainability. I have been able to understand how to cultivate and maintain organic compost and also how to plant tomatoes using local seeds to reuse and expand the natural local resources”.

Raquel and Antonio

Volunteers from Portugal and Spain.
“We were able to visit two communities where we inspected the bee-keeping projects and witnessed the success of the program. In one of the communities, we saw that not only did the group have good honey production levels, but they were also organizing themselves into a beekeeper group with a legal structure. Their testimonies confirmed for us that bee-keeping represents an important source of income for their families and that the families are improving their quality of life by diversifying the goods they produce...”.