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Health and Nutrition

We can all have sufficient and nutritious food to eat.

We promote food sovereignty through backyard gardens and chicken coops as well as through community nutrition education classes that improve the health and quality of life for families.

At Amextra, we are convinced that communities can empower themselves and learn to sustainably produce their own food. We also offer workshops on healthy eating habits, hygiene, and tooth brushing practices that give our health program a holistic approach.


  • Soy cooking classes.
  • Workshops on the importance of breastfeeding.
  • Workshops about the identification and preparation of indigenous foods.
  • Workshops on the importance of deworming children.
  • Backyard gardens.
  • Backyard chicken coops.
  • Seta mushroom cultivation.
  • Regions of implementation:
    • State of Mexico.
    • Guerrero.
    • Chiapas.




7.25% of children ages 5-14 living in urban areas suffer from chronic malnutrition; this number doubles in rural areas (UNICEF, 2017).

Infant mortality

In Mexico, for every 1000 infants born, 16.7 die within the first year of life due to lack of access to hospitals and inadequate nutrition (ONU, 2014).


34.4% of Mexican children ages 5-11 are overweight or obese (ONU, 2014).


First greenhouse constructed

+ 50,000




Oaxaca, Mexico.
“For me, the workshop was really great because it is important to know about medicinal plants. Before, I used rue plant, basil, oregano and spearmint. In the workshop, I learned how to use wormwood and Mexican pepper leaf, which were new techniques for me. Now, I am planting small pots of spearmint and basil to give to my neighbors and show I will them how to use medicinal plants“.

Ofelia Vázquez

Guerrero, Mexico.
“I participated in the workshop about healthy eating in which Audelia explained to us how we should eat and what we should not eat because it is not healthy. She also showed us a diagram of fruits and vegetables which are good for us and told as that we should not eat a lot of fats because it causes sicknesses”.