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At Pej’pem Artisanal, we are convinced that communities living in marginalized social conditions can change their circumstances if they are able to distribute their products at fair prices.

We have a great variety of products, made handmade and of high quality. Remember that with your purchase, you support Mexican producers.



Lomas de San Isidro, State of Mexico.
“I like to make the herbal products because that way, I am able to work with medicinal plants and help my community begin to cure itself with herbs once again. When I come to the Community Center, it changes my mood and helps me to generate extra income. Also, now I talk more with people in my community because I explain to them how the herbal products work”.


Los Altos de Chiapas, Chiapas.
“I felt very good about all of the workshops. What I liked most, was learning all the different types of stitches. I learned many new {embroidery} techniques that will allow me to make new things. Our product quality improved and we were able to increase the variety of products we make”.