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About Amextra Finanzas

We improve our customers' quality of life

At Amextra Finanzas, we promote financial transformation in every area of our customers' lives through the habit of saving, supportive and individual credits and holistic training for entrepreneurs. We offer excellent performance for your savings and competitive interest rates on all our credits. We are a socially responsible financial institution: our earnings are reinvested in programs related to the development of communities in need, thus improving our clients’ surroundings.

Amextra Finanzas

Services for groups for 3 people and more

Excelent interest rates for outstanding balances

No pay cycles or forced renewals

Preferential interest on exclusive and reliable customers

Save money with us

Contribute constantly and reach your financial goals by developing the habit of saving.

Invest with Amextra

Amextra Finanzas has the best interest rate in the market, plus, we don’t charge comissions.



For those that own a business or are looking for financial support for investment opportunities to start a business.


For those who have stable incomes but can’t attend group meetings.


For women with  business or productive activities.


For those who live in rural areas and have productive activities.


For those who want to cover unexpected expenses, investment opportunities or family expenses.


For those that wish to consolidate existing debt with other credit institutions in order to diminish the risk of patrimonial loss.


Miriam Guadalupe Martínez, Tlalpizáhuac

``I highly recommend Amextra``
My first credit in Amextra was $5,000 pesos and I invested it all in supplying my store. My second credit was for $10,000 and the one I have right now is $15,000 pesos. With great pride I can say that today my store is the one with the best supply in the area. My family used to say that I was crazy for starting my business in the middle of the pandemic, but I kept going and achieved my dream.

Elizabeth Tovar

``I'm glad and grateful because Amextra treats us with respect and honesty.``
I joined Amextra just at the start of the pandemic and with my first credit I bought the fabric and elastic to create face masks. It was a difficult time; my mom and sister became ill with COVID-19 and I had to take care of them while simultaneously working; but with this we became closer and worked toward the goal of keeping our business afloat. With Amextra, you learn that the most important thing is saving.